Shevlin Park Landscape

Landscape Enhancement Near Shevlin Park and Tumalo Creek

This design’s concept is “Ridgeline Connection” and this landscape enhancement near Shelving Park and Tumalo Creek fabulous homeowners wanted it all!  They wanted so many amazing outdoor features such as: tiered retaining walls, a cascading water feature, a staircase, a fire pit and patio, sunken hot tub, an outdoor kitchen, an outdoor living room, and a mosaic or paving pattern rug for their outdoor dining table.  After a thoughtful discussion with our wonderful clients we concluded that all of their outdoor features need to link to the magnificent, natural surroundings.  We agreed that the house seemed to sit alone, alien, or unconnected to the landscape and that it would only make sense to have their design reflect and melt into the surrounding environment.  So, the site’s tiered retaining walls became ridge lines that represent Shelving Ridge, the water feature echoes Tumalo Creek, the creek that runs along there property, the fire pit symbolizes Mt. Bachelor or one of the Cascade Mountains active volcanoes, and the thoughtfulness behind the design goes on and on. Now they have this beautiful and handsome, timelessly constructed,  meaning rich backyard Oasis to experience and enjoy!

Lower patio and beyond



Lower patio stairs and water feature

prairie grass


Upper Patio

Concrete countertop

stainless steel grill

Sunken Hot Tub