Estate Site Planning

Estate Site Planning in Bend, Redmond, and Sisters Oregon


No site is to big or small to be planned.  I have worked with many large acre ranches with horses, llamas , cows, and crops, but yet, I have also worked with smaller properties with two horses and a rural farm.  I love to delineate spaces and come up with planting schemes that are horse, llama, or that are basically friendly to all animals.

If your wanting to update the front entry of your barn’s office, come up with planting schemes for your water right ponds, define where the dry lot, stables, tennis courts, basketball courts, greenhouses, trails (the list goes on!) should be or you would like to create a small, safe fire pit near your stable so you can enjoy your horses in the evening then let’s have a chat.



Screenshot 2017-01-25 11.03.40A section drawing showing the planting scheme for the water right ponds at a large ranch.


Screenshot 2017-01-25 16.41.25A to scale, conceptual, hand drawn, plan for a large estate.