New Build Landscape in Tetherow Golf Course Community Bend, Or

New Build Landscape in Tetherow Golf Course Community Bend, Or

What an absolute joy it was to work with the homeowners of this project!  They are innovative, design oriented, enthusiastic, fun, flexible, have an amazing idea of the color theory, and they have GREAT STYLE.   When we first started the design process it was by phone.  From that initial meeting we came up with great ideas that followed the community of Tetherow’s standards.

Tetherow, a great golf community in Bend, Oregon has strict guidelines for fire prevention (as it should because a fire actually scorched this area in the 1990s). This neighborhood has a certain aesthetic that creates a unique “sense of place.” The homeowners and I needed to honor Tetherow’s directives, but we also needed to have their personal style be exemplified too. We came up with the idea/concept “Simple Elegance.”  We aimed to not be fussy and to let the Central Oregon fire resistant plant palette be revered. We aimed to stay in muted, dusty tones within the color wheel and to play lightly with textures. We did not want to overwhelm the eye, but to allow the landscape to be a backdrop, a setting that softens the real star, the house and its many wonderful features.

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Screenshot 2018-01-25 15.07.03


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