Minimalist or Contemporary Design in Broken Top Community

Minimalist  or Contemporary Design in Broken Top Community

Clean lines, pure geometry and a sense of modernity are the concept behind this landscape update.  When I arrived at this site, I was invited in by a lovely couple that have a fine aesthetic sense into a sleek home with beautiful art and furniture.

We talked about how the landscape needed an update because the outside of the house was getting new contemporary façade and they wanted the house and the landscape to be cohesive. We decided to take out the overgrown, unkempt Aspens, replace trees that were formed into hedges (please note I wrote trees and not shrubs as hedges), and create better circulation for foot traffic.

This was highly intriguing to design because it connected to my more geometric, pure line, side of my design abilities where I was able to color block, play with textures and use a minimal material palette to create a sense of place.


Screenshot 2018-01-24 17.34.34


Screenshot 2017-11-10 15.41.43

Screenshot 2017-11-10 15.41.26

Screenshot 2017-11-10 15.41.09

Screenshot 2017-11-10 15.42.34

Screenshot 2017-11-10 15.43.07