NW Crossing Firepit

Fire Pit and Patio Landscape Enhancement in Northwest Crossing

This space in the New Urbanist community of Northwest Crossing evolves with the ages and elicits relaxation and play.  The homeowners, a young family, needed a place for respite for the adults and a playground for the kids.  This design is delineated into two leveled patios that will change with time following the concept behind the deign titled “Tiered Timelessness.”  At this point in the homeowner’s parent stage, the top level is for the adults to enjoy and the lower level is for the children.  The upper patio has a fire pit for entertainment or reflection and the lower level has a natural looking sandbox and small playhouse.  The main theory behind this design is that it will evolve with the family’s stages.   When the kids are older and don’t want or need a playground or sandbox then the lower level, will change into what the family wants or needs. Will it be a sunken hot tub or a beautiful water feature?  Kids, when you get older then ask for both!





photo 2




Photo courtesy of Newport Avenue Landscapes