Gorgeous Tetherow Golf Course Landscape in Bend, Or

Gorgeous Tetherow Golf Course Landscape in Bend, Or

The homeowners have one of the most beautiful lots in all of the Tetherow neighborhood.  The site abuts one of the lakes, is connected to the golf course and looks over the beautiful pedestrian bridge.  The homeowners, a wonderful couple who wanted a landscape that honors Tetherow’s vision to create a development that has “environmentally-sound philosophies and practices.”  

The environmental measures within this design are: using xeriscaping or low water usage plants; containing all storm water on site; adding native plants within areas close to the home to honor wildlife and to blend in with the environment; using snags or ghost trees for interest and wild life (fun fact a live tree is native to 200 species and a snag/ghost tree is home to 20,000 species!!!); creating a garden for pollinators, and much more.


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The driveway entry with a ghost tree/snag.  As said earlier, a live tree hosts 200 species while a snag/ghost tree hosts 20,000 species!!!!

A stand of Aspen trees and native plants.

The homeowners have a beloved pet, hence the lawn.The driveway entry with a ghost tree/snag.

The swale on the west side of the home for on site water containment.

The back of the home with native plantings that follow Tetherow’s plant palette.

The homeowners back patio with gas fire feature.

The back patio and pathway. Do you see the TV and fireplace within the patio? It’s a great space for entertaining.

Another on-site water containment drainage basin/swale.

A view of the sunken spa. Note there is an 18″ berm that hides the spa from the golf course. It is the area with the boulders.

Isn’t the house gorgeous! Note the dog run attached to the house in between the two naves.

Green Rabbitbrush is the yellow flower and is part of the native landscape. Note the native grasses closest to the home, they are part of Tetherow’s selection of fire-wise, native plants.

The golf course and the lake beyond. What an amazing mossy boulder.