Deschutes River Landscape with Perennial Beds, Roofed Pergola and Water Feature

Deschutes River Landscape with Perennial Beds, Roofed Pergola, and Water Feature

The homeowners, two of the most welcoming and kind people, wanted a landscape in which to relax, kick up their feet, be warm, and take in all the glorious landscape that their riverside homesite in Bend, Oregon has to offer.

This rustic design was a thoughtful collaboration with the homeowners and is meant to complement and link to the beautiful Deschutes River below. The homeowners love the outdoors and especially love it when it is chilly out, so a wood burning chimney was a must.  The design was based around the chimney, the warmth it gives off, and a water feature that mirrors the winding Deshutes River below.

This landscape has it all: a roofed pergola, an upper and lower patio, a spa, an old growth tree set within a patio, an outdoor living room, a perennial xeriscape garden, and a beautiful wood burning chimney.

Screenshot 2017-01-24 09.57.35

A view of the upper patio with the wood burning chimney. Note the old growth Ponderosa Pine to the right of the roofed pergola. The design called for the patio to wrap around this tree, so it is growing straight up through the patio. What a special place!

Screenshot 2017-01-24 09.57.50

A view of the roofed pergola and the lower patio with the spa and outdoor living room. Note the beautiful flagstone slab that acts as a bridge between the upper and lower patios, and that the patios have two different paver types. This creates a sense of formal and informal to satisfy the clients’ aesthetic.


Screenshot 2017-01-24 09.56.46

The roofed pergola, its night lighting, and a view of the gorgeous Deschutes River.

Screenshot 2017-01-24 09.57.02

A view of the lower and upper patio during sunset. What a welcoming spot to relax and experience the sunset.

Screenshot 2017-01-24 09.58.05

 A view of the babbling brook water feature with night lighting beneath the stream shelf,  to creating a pleasant, ambient mood.

Screenshot 2017-01-24 09.58.19

Another shelf within the water feature with mood lighting. This area is the shadier side of the landscape so we used ferns to reflect the idea of a shady, woodland landscape near a babbling brook in a forest.

Screenshot 2017-01-24 09.58.32

View of the xeriscape, low water us garden.

Screenshot 2017-01-24 09.58.45

 A view of the new stairs, house patio and the cable railings that connect the house patio to the lower and upper patios. You can just make out the river below.

Screenshot 2017-01-24 09.59.00

A close up of the hearth of the wood burning fire place, the night lighting, and the beautiful flagstone slabs for sitting along the hearth.

Screenshot 2017-01-24 09.59.19

The wood burning chimney and the seating hearth.

Screenshot 2017-01-24 09.59.32

 What a wonderful place to warm up on a high desert, chilly night in Bend, Oregon.

Screenshot 2017-01-24 09.59.50

Another view of the patios, their night lighting, and the sunset. Look how beautiful Awbrey Butte, the small mountain butte in the background, complements the homeowner’s landscape and sets this space into its surrounding environment.