Charming Rustic Landscape off of Century Drive

Charming, Rustic Landscape off  Century Drive with Water Feature, Dry Riverbed, and Decomposed Granite Path

When I arrived at this special place I met two amazing people with a landscape that had a very interesting history.  The landscape, a very large hole in the ground, was meant to be a large pond for fire control.  As time passed the pond became cracked, couldn’t hold water and was basically unusable space.  I have been lucky to have seen and experienced many interesting sites around the Central Oregon, but this one was by far the most fascinating and one of the most challenging.

While walking the site the homeowners shared their dreams and visions for the space which included, re-furbishing the water feature, assembling a dry riverbed/swale for visual interest and to assure proper drainage, arranging  pleasant planting schemes, and creating a strolling path that leads the clients and their guests to various points of interest throughout the landscape.  The clients wants and/or needs for the specific landscape items triggered concepts that reflect Japanese Stroll Gardens and led to the concept of the site, a “Memory Stroll Garden.”  Like Japanese Stroll gardens, this landscape offers an approach to various vignettes that help to fully enjoy the setting and reflect on the unspoken messages and/or history of the site.


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