Brosterhouse Neighborhood Landscape/Campsite Retreat

Brosterhouse Neighborhood Landscape/Campsite Retreat

This smaller, New Urbanist backyard has many special places or designations for the clients to enjoy, and makes the backyard feel much larger.  The homeowners requested a backyard retreat that reflects the look and feel of a campsite, while keeping with the comfortable farmhouse style of their home.

Close to their house the clients enjoy a casual and comfortable dining/living room patio with an attached pergola with corbels, which complements the house’s fine details. As you move away from the house to the gas fire pit, the landscape becomes more informal and feels almost as if you’re out of the city and in a national forest campground.  It’s like glamping in your backyard!

Vassallo2 A view of the campfire behind Aspens.

Vassallo4 The patios, pergola, and camp fire gas fire pit.

Vassallo3 The campfire.  What a great place to keep warm at during Bend’s, high desert, chilly nights.

vassallo6 The pergola and farmhouse patio.

Vassallo1 The walkway linking the two patios.

vassallo7 Close up of the gas campsite fire pit where you can glamp in your back yard.