Broken Top Entertainment Patio and New Lawn Leading to the Golf Course

Broken Top Entertainment Patio and New Lawn Leading to the Golf Course

Enjoy the beautiful golf course landscape while relaxing on the circular patio embraced by a new lawn within this exceptional space in the lovely community of Broken Top in Bend, Oregon.

This backyard space was formerly an unwelcoming dirt backyard the homeowners never used, and that didn’t connect to the beautiful landscape beyond. After thoughtful discussions with the homeowners, we came up with a design that meets their entertainment needs, their functional needs, and that creates a unity to their surrounding environment.

We used a select material palette of lawn, pavers, and boulders to keep the design simple and clean, so we would not take away from the house’s gorgeous golf course surroundings.






A view of the lawn entertainment patio and the golf course. The homeowners love to sit here during the evening and watch the golfers and the swans in the lake. Note the beautiful, hand-selected Montana Moss seating boulders masoned within the patio.


 A view of the circular patio toward the house. The circular patio pavers complement the pavers on the upper patio connected to the house.


 What gorgeous moss on the seating boulders!  They were hand picked.


 The new lawn was inspired by the homeowners’ love of their surroundings, and is meant to reach toward the golf course to create a seamless connection between their house and their community.  Note how the patio boulders on the right balance the boulder retaining wall on the left.