Touching the Collective Unconscious Via Paint

“Touching the Collective Unconscious: Guidelines to Awaking Profound Experience Through Archetypal Landscapes” is the title of my Master’s project.  When researching and exploring primordial archetypes I came across tangible symbols or shapes to aide in explaining archetypes and how they can link to concrete form.  The four archetypal symbols that were discovered during my studies […]


Trees, the Circle or the Core of the Cosmos: A Writing on Archetypal Symbols and the Psyche

This painting is entitled “Trees” but its true title should be called the “Circle: the Core of the Cosmos.”  As of late, all of my works have the symbol of the circle or the archetype of the center within them.  The moodiness of the painting is meant to lead you to the great light of […]


The Great All

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