About Me

Someone who loves to design landscapes and create fine paintings.

Understands that perfection takes time, even if it is infinite time.

Zoned in on creating a landscapes and paintings that will visually explain  archetypal symbols and their connection to the great All.

A landscape architect, choreographer, and artist.

Note my inspirations and muses: James Turrell, Gerhard Richter, Frederick Law Olmsted, Carl Jung, Capability Brown, Carlos Scarpa,  Agnes Martin, Andy Goldsworthy, Botticelli, Gillian Wearing, Andrea Cochran, Tadao Ando, Alvin Ailey, Pina Bausch, Kenny Helphand,  Mrs. Morrisey (my painting teacher from 8-14), past modern dance instructors, and all geishas.

Never unwilling to learn or try new (earth and artistic) adventures.

Excited to wake up the next day and create!