Awbrey Park Bocce Court and Stream Bend, Or

Awbrey Park Bocce Court and Stream Bend, Or

We fit it all in this backyard! The super fun and dare I say, very competitive homeowners wanted a regulation size bocce court, a babbling brook water feature, small sitting area with a bench (the bench is from Red Rocks stadium!!!), a path, an area to store their garbage cans and they wanted to be able to view their yard from their existing deck.  

The original yard was a site with a deep slope that was filled with weeds and water consuming trees.  With careful planning and imagination, we took what was an unusable yard to a yard with ample places to enjoy!  


Screenshot 2019-11-21 14.34.03

Screenshot 2019-11-21 14.33.39


The homeowners playing on their new bocce court with the stream, bridge and small patio off to the right in their fun and exceptional yard.

Screenshot 2019-11-08 12.34.28

 What a glorious fall day to play bocce.

Screenshot 2019-11-08 12.35.04

A delightful stream that sounds like a gentle babbling brook.

Screenshot 2019-11-08 12.34.11 The head of the stream and the flagstone patio.  Note the small bench is an original bench from Red Rocks Music Coliseum in Colorado.

Screenshot 2019-11-08 12.36.53 Looking back towards the house.  The deck had three large, water guzzling trees and stopped the homeowners from looking out or going down into their yard.  The once unusable space is now usable and entertaining.

Screenshot 2019-11-08 12.35.50

A close up of the bocce court and its oyster flour top layer.

Screenshot 2019-11-08 12.35.13

The decomposed granite stepping stone pathway, stream, bocce court and much more!

Screenshot 2019-11-08 12.32.50

Even small spaces can have a big impact!

Screenshot 2019-11-08 12.36.01

Looking back at the stream and the Bocce Court.

Screenshot 2019-11-08 12.33.46

Close up of the bench from Red Rocks stadium.  I love placing relics and items within the landscape that have special meanings.

Screenshot 2019-11-08 12.36.33